In-Store Marketing

In-Store Marketing

The marketing-book of the year 2007- now in an updated edition! Did you know that the customer only becomes aware of less than one percent of all different offers, products and brands in a store? In Store Marketing gives you concrete examples what you can do to enhance the awareness of your offers and how to communicate effectively with your customer through your visual elements.
In-Store Marketing
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  • A model of how customers makes in-store decisions
  • The purchasing process
  • Do we buy what we want och what we find?
  • The assortment as a competitive device
  • Systematic tools for optimizing use of the floor and shelf
  • How to communicate with the help of displays
  • Displays that cause products to sell less
  • A model for measuring in-store atmospherics
  • Color, scent, music and light as a language
  • Discussion about pricing 

Who will find In-Store Marketing useful?

Category managers, space managers and everyone who owns a store and/or works with the customer meeting and merchandising. Managers in general and consultants who works with helping stores with their communication. 

Swedish summary: 

Årets marknadsföringsbok 2007 nu i uppdaterad version.

Boken behandlar bland annat planogram, ECR, sortimentsplanering, exponeringar, mätmetoder i butik, butiksmiljö, layout i butik, dofter, musik, prisupplevelse mm. De omarbetade avsnitten går djupare in på oplanerade köp, nya vinklar inom kundpsykologi och hur kundernas känslor påverkar köpbeetendet, olika typer av säljlösningar och specialexponeringar i butiken samt det senaste inom retail-forskningen. Dessutom redogör Jens Nordfält för fler konkreta exempel och resultat ifrån experiment i verklig butiksmiljö och inom e-handel.


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